Hi, I’m Rick.

I created this blog to teach you guys all I know about woodcutting and the various gadgets involved.

Now, woodcutting is a bit of a generic term I know, but basically, anything to do with cutting, chopping, splitting, storing wood, and the tools involved is my thing!

I learned everything I know from my dad who was an outdoors type of guy, and he made sure from the age of 5, I was swinging an axe – a very small one – and before long I was splitting logs and limbing branches off trees.

Since then I’ve used every type of device for cutting wood from small pruning saws to hatchets to high-powered gas chainsaws and everything in between, so I know my tools!

In 2020 I decided to build this site to hopefully be of some value to others out there looking for advice and guidance in this field… and I became The Woodcutters Son!

I have a real love of axes. Although they’re probably not the most efficient tools for cutting wood, they have a dear place in my heart… after all that’s where my love of this type of stuff began.

Aside from my 30+ years experience using all manner of forestry and woodsman tools, I have spent hundreds of hours researching the best, reliable and efficient tools and methods for all your woodcutting needs!

I also enjoy teaching bushcraft to my kids so there are a few tips and tricks for like-minded people who want to learn a few things about fire prep and shelter building in the wild…

As you read through the posts on this site, please leave a comment, question or some honest feedback on how this content can be improved – all comments are welcome!

There are no popups, sales pitches or fees for this site…

This site is a completely free resource for you to learn about all manner of woodcutting tools and advice, the only time I make a small commission is if you click on a link and end up buying something from Amazon.com – which is where all my links will take you. There is no additional cost to you at all but provides the means for me to keep adding new posts as often as I can.

Anyway, I really hope you find something useful here and feel free to drop me a message via my contact page anytime.

See you soon,