How American Made Felling Axes Are On The Rise!

There are undoubtedly some fine examples of felling axes made in Europe. They are often touted as the ‘best of the best’ in the axe world.

Swedish brands such as Gransfors Bruk and Hults Bruk have a great heritage and produce high quality, hand made axes that are hard to beat… But they’re not the Best American Made Felling Axes!

The years haven’t been kind to USA based axe manufacturers. Today only a handful remain who can compete with those European giants. Council Tool are a long standing American company who continue to produce a range of fine axes.


Their traditional felling axes are a cut above the rest and their Velvicut premium axes deliver great performance with the looks to match.

Another contender for the Best American Made Felling Axes is stalwart American company who rode the storm and came out dry on the other side are Snow & Nealley. A Maine based manufacturer who still output some of the highest quality felling axes around.

A good felling axe needs to be strong and durable, with a high quality shaft that can withstand the impact that comes with felling trees…

A wise old lumberjack

In no particular order, these American made felling axes are the best the USA has to offer… and it’s a high quality offering!


Best American-Made Felling Axes

1. Council Tool Velvicut Premium American Felling Axe

Council Tool Velvicut Premium felling axe
Velvicut Premium felling axe on Amazon

This axe is forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for strength, toughness, and durability. The Velvicut Premium American Felling axe head has a nice thin geometry and comes highly polished with a decent factory edge.

It will require a little honing to bring it up to a good working sharpness.

The full-sized 36 inch handle is made of grade A American hickory. It comes unfinished so you can apply whatever oil, lacquer or wax you prefer.

The handle is mounted to the head in a traditional manner using a softwood wedge along with a round steel wedge for added security.

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A premium leather sheath is included to protect the tool and user. Also features a buckle for fastening and an embossed logo.

2. Snow and Nealley 3.5 lbs. Single Bit Axe

Snow & Nealley single bit axe
Snow & Nealley single bit axe on Amazon

All Snow & Nealley axes are hand-assembled and finished in a small craftsman’s shop so there will be slight variations in handle grain and finish on the axe head.

They state the factory edge is sharper than most felling axes but its really not. You’ll still need to give it some attention to be ready for serious chopping.

This is true of most axes newly purchased, but I believe the honing of the blade is the best way to get to know your new axe!

Fitted with a 30 inch American hickory handle which has a thin lacquer finish, it’s a little short of a full sized felling axe but is balanced well against its 3.5 lbs head made from 100% Maine US steel.

For the price of around $75, this American made felling axe shows fine craftsmanship. It has the capacity to be a real workhorse with a little attention to the bit and handle finish.

3. Best Made Co. Painted American Felling Axe

Best Made painted felling axe
Best Made Co. painted felling axe at DuluthTrading

Designed from the ground up in New York City by Best Made Company, their American Felling Axe has a 4 lb Dayton pattern head – perhaps one of the most iconic American axe head designs.

Its drop-forged in the United States from an American-made 5160 alloy steel that is hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56 HRC.

This hand crafted 4 lb Felling Axe is perfect for the farm or homestead. It excels at general chopping, bucking, and splitting. This is an axe for larger wood and is a capable all-rounder.

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From their website you can choose from 9 different paint options for the handle which is finally finished with a good coat of boiled linseed oil.

The handle feels a little thin for such a heavy head but overall this is a high quality hand-made American felling axe.

Best Made are now owned by Duluth who stock all of their axes and will ship nationwide.

4. Brant & Cochran Allagash Cruiser

Brant & Cochran Allagash Cruiser
Brant & Cochran Allagash Cruiser

The only Maine wedge pattern camp axe being made today. Forged in South Portland from 1050 carbon steel, this 2.5 lb. axe is hung on a 28″ Amish turned hickory handle and comes with a custom Maine-made leather sheath.

The axe comes wicked sharp and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 so she’ll keep an edge after hours of use.

5. Council Tool Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe

Council Tool DB Classic Michigan axe
Council Tool DB Classic Michigan axe on Amazon

We wouldn’t be covering all bases if we left out the double bit axe. A favorite of many old-timers but still popular with the new breed of axe enthusiasts due to its superior balance and precision.

Council Tool’s Classic Michigan Double Bit Axe has a 36 inch straight hickory handle and a 4 lb head. This comes with dual 3 inch blades for the toughest of jobs.

The beauty of a double bit is having one edge razor sharp for chopping and the second edge primed for splitting. Or you can get both edges sharp for double the chopping time!

This axe arrives with a basic factory edge so the user can choose their preferred option. Spend a couple of hours sharpening and honing the edges and you’ve got a pretty amazing axe for the $75 price tag!


There was a time (before chainsaws) that the USA produced the finest axes available but those days are gone and only a few manufacturers remain. The axes listed here are 5 of the best American-made felling axes you can buy.

They can all compete with the Swedish giants, so have some patriotism and keep it American!


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