Low-Cost Chainsaws That Are Worth The Money – Best Budget Chainsaws

A chainsaw is one of the powerful tools that is undoubtedly an iconic piece any household needs to own. The multi-purpose tool is crucial for felling trees, cutting thick branches, and logging.

A chainsaw was once regarded as a tool for professionals mainly because of its hefty price. The average starting price ranged from $300 to $500. Today, chainsaw prices have plummeted, and one can get reliable, budget chainsaws for as low as $100.

Investing in a reliable chainsaw for DIY or professional use can be costly, especially when you have little knowledge of the particular features or brand you need. The many brands in the market can also make it difficult to choose the right one.

It is worth noting that some brands can be expensive, but that does not directly translate to reliability and quality. To help you narrow the search for a good chainsaw, we picked 8 of the best and budget-friendly chainsaws on Amazon based on customers’ ratings and reviews.


Chainsaw Buyers Guide

1 Remington RM4040 40V

Remington RM4040 40V on Amazon

Remington is one of the brands that provides for the users with cheap and dependable chainsaws. With over 100 years experience, Remington have applied their knowledge and wealth of experience to produce a world class chainsaw, a few rivals can match for power reliability, durability, and efficacy.

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  • RM4040 40V is a light and portable chainsaw that contains an ignition system which is easy to operate.
  • It also features an automatic oiler and a chain adjuster whose purpose is to ensure that the chainsaw is working perfectly with less downtime.
  • Remington has an antivibration system that alleviates the vibration generated when the chainsaw is operating. The feature allows the user to overcome fatigue during operation so that they can continue working for longer hours
  • The chainsaw uses chains with low-kickback to help the user keep control when using the tool to cut through tough branches and wood.
  • RM4040 40V has a special chain braking system that stops the chain whenever the chainsaw generates a violent kickback that may end up hurting the user.


  • RM4040 40V uses a powerful motor that empowers the chainsaw to generate a sturdy cutting power.
  • The 14-inch chain and bar enable the chainsaw to compete with some of the larger chainsaws despite its small size.
  • The average cost for Remington RM4040 40V is $ 277, making it a cheap considering it premium features.


  • The RM4040 40V is only designed for light cutting tasks. It will struggle or break if someone tries to cut anything more substantial.

2 WORX WG304.1

Best budget chainsaws - Worx WG304.1
WORX WG304.1 on Amazon

WORX WG304.1 is a real budget-saving chainsaw. It is an excellent corded electric saw designed to take down large trees using the available 18-inch-long and powerful chain.


  • Unlike Remington, WG304.1 is operated using an electric engine. The engine has a similar and average power close to a strong engine with 30cc power.
  • WG304.1 has an automated chain tensioning system responsible for controlling the chain tension, keeping the chainsaw stable and sturdy during operation.
  • It also features an automated oiling system whose purpose is to distribute oil evenly within the motor and indicate how much oil is left.
  • WG304.1 has an impressive chain brake which has been installed to prevent the chainsaw’s chain from injuring the user if the chain snaps or kicks back.


  • WORX WG304.1is a robust and lightweight power tool (5.5kg) perfect for quick and easy jobs around the yard or farm.
  • The chainsaw is run using 15-amp engine that is non-demanding and uses a low voltage electric source making it well-matched with most domestic electric outlets.
  • The chainsaw has an 18-inch-long bar making it possible and easy to trim thick branches and trunks.
  • WORX WG304.1 is very cheap as it goes for $ 107 on amazon.

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  • You need to stay in a single area without moving far from the electrical source since WG304.1 is electrically operated.
  • WG304.1 has a large chain adjusting knob that can accidentally be turned during operation.

3 Black & Decker LCS1020B

Best budget chainsaws - Black + Decker   LCS1020B
Black &Decker LCS1020B on Amazon

You are probably familiar with Black &Decker. The brand is popular because of its excellent powered chainsaws, a signature it holds for years. As power tool manufacturing company, the company has some of the best and powerful power operated chainsaws for DIY.

The LCS1020B is ideal for home use particularly for users searching for powered operated chainsaw motors at a friendly price.


  • Black &Decker LCS1020B utilizes lithium batteries to drive its engine as compared to the normal gas operated chainsaw engines.
  • The battery system found in LCS1020B enables the chainsaw to be well-matched with other batteries with similar capacity.
  • LCS1020B has an additional tensioning attribute that keeps the chain well-coiled around the chainsaw’s bar so that it can perform smoothly with minimum kickback.


  • Black &Decker LCS1020B has a length of 10-inch that gives the user more control when cutting.
  • It comes in two versions. The lighter and lower 1.5 Ah motor is ideal for quick completion of tasks, and the bigger 4 Ah is better for a longer chainsaw operation.
  • LCS1020B requires little maintenance, is portable, and gives reliable performance. The user doesn’t need to have sophisticated tools to open the lubrication system for oiling. Furthermore, the oil tanks are easy to refill.
  • Since the chainsaw is less than 4kg, it is light and easy to carry around in one hand.
  • The LCS1020B is a good pick for those searching for an affordable DIY chainsaw, as it goes for only $ 101.27 on Amazon.


  • On average, Black &Decker LCS1020B operates for about 30-45 minutes on a full amp motor charge. The limitation determines how long you can work and it may be inconvenience to people with more workload.

4 Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw

Best budget chainsaws - Remington RM1645
Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw on Amazon

Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw is among the best and versatile chainsaws one can find as the cheapest, light electric operated chainsaws someone can get in the market.


  • RM 1645 Versa Saw is a 16-inch-long machine that is powerful and user friendly.
  • It also contains an automated oiler system responsible for simple and effortless oiling of the chainsaw chains. The user is also able to view the oil level using the level viewer enabling them to establish if the machine is operating with adequate lubrication.
  • RM 1645 has a chain adjustment system that allows users to adjust their chainsaw using an external screw, allowing the chainsaw to display excellent performance.


  • The RM 1645 arrives assembled. One only needs to take it out of the box and start pruning their trees and yard.
  • The versatility of the 16 inch bar enables the user to control the chainsaw with ease and complete the yard work quickly.
  • The RM 1645 has a comfortable ergonomic handle that reduces vibrations during operation and improves on user experience.
  • The RM 1645 is sold at an average of $81, making it one of the cheapest chainsaws.


  • RM 1645 has been reported to have problems with some of its units that produce sparks during operation.

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5 Sun Joe SWJ599E

Best budget chainsaws - Sun Joe SWJ599E
Sun Joe SWJ599E on Amazon

While Sun Joe is not as popular as most brands running the power tools industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand can’t serve the user well when they need it. The chainsaw doesn’t require much to operate and is a perfect pick for those exploring the chainsaw industry for the very first time.


  • SWJ599E is an electricity operated chainsaw with a mid-strength 9-amp motor with a standard 120 volt for compatibility with most domestic electric sources.
  • SWJ599E has an automated oiler system responsible for automatically lubricating the chain. The oiler system contains a cap that doesn’t require any tools to open for easy oil refilling when the gauge goes low.
  • SWJ599E brings a sheath for the protection of the chainsaw.
  • A quality handguard that enables the user to control the chainsaw better.


  • The 14-inch-long chainsaw is easy to use with low kickback and protective handguards that make it an excellent choice for individuals searching for chainsaws with lesser torque.
  • Amazon sells SWJ599Eat $ 46.40, making it the cheapest chainsaw option on the market
  • SWJ599E electric chainsaw is designed for entry-level users looking for low kickback and simple usage than the more maintenance-heavy gas chainsaws.


  • SWJ599E doesn’t provide with as much power as the above-listed chainsaws and gas-powered chainsaws.

6 Husqvarna 120

Husqvarna 120 on Amazon

Husqvarna is a company that creates and sells perfect chainsaws for domestic use. The brand has been designing chainsaws for over 300 years, and the 120 is part of their homeowner catalog of chainsaws.

This enables private users the ability to manage their yards independently.


  • Husqvarna 120 is a 16-inch-long chainsaw that uses a specific centrifugal air system that can filter out debris from the air intake, removing any large particles reaching the actual air filter.
  • Husqvarna uses its X-Torq gas motor to give reliable and robust performance and power.
  • It includes a one-handle operation system that combines both chokes and stops features within the same handle space making the chainsaw easy to use with one hand.
  • 120 has a chain brake system that keeps the chain from running if kickback occurs or the chain snap.

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  • The centrifugal air systems filter intake air, removing any particles that would reach and destroy the motor’s air filter. This saves the user the cost of buying and replacing the filter.
  • The one-handle operation system makes it easier for the user to handle yard work with one hand.
  • 120’s low vibration safety features mitigate the motor and chain vibration to lessen fatigue.
  • While the chainsaw has a 16-inch-long bar and chain, it can also accommodate 18-inch lengths if the user needs to cut down thicker trees.
  • Amazon sells 120 at a low price. By spending $239 only, you get full ownership of the easy-to-carry around 5kg chainsaw.


  • The 120 is criticized for leaking oil when in storage. You may need to empty the oil when not in use.

7 Echo CS-400-18

Best budget chainsaws - Echo CS-400-18
Echo CS-400-18 on Amazon

Echo CS-400-18 is one of the most amazing chainsaws that aggressively slices through imposing wood in seconds, and it’s easy to use and handle.


  • Echo CS-400-18 is a gas-powered chainsaw containing an 18-inch bar and chain run using a very powerful 40.2-cc engine.
  • It has an automatic oiler coupled with a heavy-duty air filler and a digital ignition system, making starting easy and fast.
  • Echo CS-400-18 has a fuel tank that holds 14 ounces.
  • It has an automatic chain oiler for chain lubrication.


  • Unlike most gas-powered chainsaws that are hard to start, Echo CS-400-18 is easy to ignite and stable during operation.
  • With an average weight of 4.5kg, the Echo CS-400-18 is a lightweight chainsaw easy to carry around.
  • Same as the mentioned chainsaws, Echo CS-400-18has low vibration safety features that mitigate motor and chain vibration to prevent the user from getting tired during operation.
  • Echo CS-400-18 is pocket friendly as it just goes for an average of $ 300 on Amazon.
  • This chainsaw also arrives fully assembled and ready to use after unboxing.

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  • Echo CS-400-18 produces a lot of noise during operation.
  • It is prohibited in cities that don’t allow the operation of gas chainsaws.

8 HUYOSEN 60cc 20-inch

HUYOSEN 60cc 20-inch on Amazon

Not only is HUYOSEN sturdy, but it is also a reliable chainsaw with a strong engine capable of breaking through stubborn branches making yard jobs easy to handle. While it is not the perfect chainsaw to bring down a massive tree with tough barks, its blade is strong enough to cut through saplings and pruning of tree limbs.


  • HUYOSEN features an automatic oiler responsible for keeping the bar and chain in perfect condition during operation.
  • Its sprocket-tipped 20-inch bar and chain provide a lot of chews on wood.
  • Has an output power of 2.5kw (kilowatts).
  • HUYOSEN features a 25cc 2-cycle engine that is lightweight and powerful.


  • Unlike many chainsaws that are difficult to ignite, HUYOSEN brings its chainsaw to life by simply pressing a button. The user doesn’t have to pull a chain over and over.
  • It is versatile and easy to handle, ideal for trim jobs and pruning large trees.
  • HUYOSEN provides excellent performance for the user.
  • It is sold at an average price of $150, favoring anyone on a budget.


  • The 19lbs HUYOSEN chainsaw is very heavy for someone looking to work for hours.
  • It is prohibited in some cities since it is a gas chainsaw.

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The highlighted chainsaws are a selection of the best budget-friendly tools that will get the job done. There are many factors to consider when picking quality chainsaw include kickbacks, safety, and maintenance cost.

It’s vital you understand the kind of activities you are likely going to perform so you can make the most informed choice of chainsaw for your own specific needs.


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