Best Splitting Mauls… Ever! – Ultimate Buyers Guide

As winter and fall approaches, most households are looking for a good splitting maul to prepare for the season all through to winter. Having a quality maul is economical and practical.

Contrastingly, having a standard maul aggregates the possibility of having to purchase a new one now and then. This article will review the best splitting mauls out there to ease the purchase experience.


Maul vs Axe for Splitting Wood

A maul has the advantage over an axe due to the shape and weight of the head. When you split wood, you need a wedge-shaped head to drive into the wood and force the wood apart along the grain.

Splitting axes can perform well for smaller logs, but for the big stuff you want a big heavy maul to power through!

What makes the best splitting maul?

The definition of a good splitting maul is heavily dependent on the purpose it plays in the homestead. However the crucial factors to consider are weight, length, and material.


A mauls head can weigh anywhere between 4-12 pounds. The weight of the head greatly determines how easily it will split the firewood; the heavier it is, in theory, the easier it will split logs… but the harder it is to lift.

The individual using it must consider their lifting capabilities. As much as heavy ones are the most effective, it may be quite challenging for an individual who cannot lift it!


Now without getting into too much science, the more leverage you have to work with, the more power you can generate. Handle length varies across the range of available splitting mauls out there, but generally the heavier the head, the longer the handle.

36 inches tends to be the typical LONG length handle size, but there are 40 inch handles available also. If you’re a strapping lumberjack with biceps as thick as redwoods, the longer the better.

For us mere mortals lacking the stature of Thor, we have to balance weight and handle length accordingly. I always advocate testing the damn thing before you buy, but in this modern age online shopping is king, so my advice would be to aim somewhere around a 32 inch maul handle.

This is long – but not too long – and gives the average man a decent crack at some good leverage for splitting those damn logs without succumbing to lumber trauma!


A good, high-carbon steel head shaped like a wedge is the ultimate in splitting mauls. The blade or bit needn’t be a razor-sharp edge like a premium felling axe but it helps to have a cutting edge that will maintain its shape under pressure.

Clearly, a high quality head is paramount, but handle material is just as important.

You have classic wooden handles than are favored by the majority of users, which are hardy, pliable and feel good in the hands. More modern options include fiberglass/plastic ones that will survive a nuclear apocalypse – but are less enjoyable to weild.

Then there are steel handles which send shockwaves up your spine like you’ve just grabbed onto an electric fence. Granted, they are mostly inclusive of some rubber or silicone materials to limit this.

Overall, a classic wooden handle is your best bet. They are natural, easy to replace if damaged and more comfortable to wield.

How to choose the best splitting maul

Choosing the best splitting maul for you corresponds with the purpose it should serve the operator. If it is for lighter duties like camping and small logs, light mauls are ideal. Also, unless the handle is combined with rubber or fiberglass, it is better to choose one with a wooden handle.

What do you plan on splitting?

If you are going to be splitting big hardwood logs, you’re probably going to need something big and heavy! The right maul for you will depend on the type, size and quantity of wood you’re splitting.

A splitting maul is the optimum choice for dealing with large chunks of wood due to its heavier weight – which provides much more force than a standard axe. For smaller pieces of wood, an axe might be all you need, as it’s lighter and more easily swung (swinged?).

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How often you will use it?

If you need a tool that you can use every day, get a splitting maul that is comfortable for regular use. Long heavy mauls take a lot of energy to handle, and are difficult to use on repeat.

I guess what I’m saying is, it depends! Sorry. Anyway, if you want to know about the BEST mauls available today… look no further.

The BEST Splitting Mauls

1. Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul

Best splitting mauls - Gransfors Bruk
Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul on Amazon

The Gransfors Bruks splitting maul handle is designed from strong hickory and smoothed to provide a comfortable grip. It goes through most types of wood easily, and you can use it to split large and small blocks of wood easily.

It has a steelhead that is sturdy and strong and has an adjoining metal sheath that protects the handle from damage.

Further, this splitting maul has grooves at the end of the handle to boost the grip. This handle measures 29 inches, and the whole maul measure approximately seven pounds.

Further, the manufacturers include a tanned leather sheath to protect the blade from external impacts.

This is one of the finest mauls out there… Custom made by hand from Swedish master craftsmen. There is a reason the Gransfors Bruk have such a reputation in the axe world!


  • Comfortable grip
  • Carefully balanced and well-designed
  • Quality sheath included


  • Costly… But you may never need to replace this maul!

2. Helko Werk Germany Traditional Splitting Maul

Best splitting mauls - Helko Werk
Helko Werk Germany Traditional Splitting Maul on Amazon

This splitting maul will offer an excellent striking power with a standard weight of 6.7 pounds and a deep wedge. One can use it to split several objects such as heavy firewood and tree trunks.

You can interchange the components of the maul, starting from the fastening part and head to the handle. Therefore, when one piece of tool malfunctions, you can disassemble the maul and replace it with a new one.

The carbon steel head of this splitting maul has two sides with varied designs. In this case, one side has a sharp blade that supports you in cutting and splitting logs. You can use the other side as a hammer since it has a flat surface.

The manufacturer includes a full-grain leather sheath to help in carrying the maul.


  • It comes with a full-grain leather sheath for easier transportation
  • Two different designs for flexibility
  • Interchangeable components


  • Requires regular care to avoid rusting
  • Some report the head tends to loosen after a short period

3. Council Tool Splitting Maul

Best splitting mauls - Council Tool
Council Tool Splitting Maul on Amazon

It is ideal for splitting and cutting kindling for felling small trees or firewood. The Council Tool made in the US has a forged carbon steel and hand sharpened head that is durable. The maul has a good edge and sharpness retention. Its cutting edge has a clear lacquer to prevent rusting.

This splitting maul’s straight American hickory 36-inch handle is comfortable and robust to hold when you chop or cut wood. For additional strength, manufacturers have hydraulically seated the head of this maul onto the handle and secured it using a serrated aluminum wedge.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable handle
  • Excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and sharpness


  • Unsuitable for really heavy-duty use

4. Fiskars Iso Core Splitting Maul

Best splitting mauls - Iso Core
Fiskars Iso Core Splitting Maul on Amazon

The head of this splitting maul has two faces; a fatter end for driving stakes and wedges and another face for splitting wood. It also has a 36-inch handle and an eight-pound maul head.

The maul has a patented IsoCore shock control system built into its body and works as an absorbent against strike shock. That helps in minimize vibration along with the handle.

Also, the handle has been designed to comfortably and securely fit in the user’s palm and has a pronounced handle flare for security.

Manufacturers have included a strategic handle texturing on this maul to enhance grip and minimize blisters. The inseparable reverted head cannot snap off or slide down when engaging in the hardiest splitting tasks.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handle flare for increased security
  • Good weight
  • Great blade and iso anti-shock system for additional comfort


  • Some people claim that the blade of this maul becomes blunt easily

5. Wilton Splitting Maul

Best splitting mauls  - Wilton
Wilton Splitting Maul on Amazon

Manufacturers of this splitting maul have reinforced the handle with high-quality steel rods to prevent the risk of breaking and cracking.

This splitting maul has an unbreakable steel core handle. Even when you miss and hit the shaft, it cannot shatter the ways other splitting mauls do. It also has an inti-vibe neck tapered to minimize the vibration impact due to striking.

Even when you use this maul for an extended period, your arms will not suffer from any harm. The maul handle is approximately 26 inches long to offer ample leverage and power.

Yes it’s more of a budget option for log splitting, but great for the moderate user.


  • Durable design
  • Great for heavy and large logs
  • The 36-inch length offers good power and leverage
  • Anti-vibe neck significantly minimizes the impact


  • Soft edge steel can be easily dinged


A maul can be a devastating piece of kit for dealing with big logs. The weight and leverage that a good quality maul provides can make short work of those stubborn pieces of wood. But as this article suggests, a maul is no good to anyone if the user is unable to wield it efficiently.

It hugely important to choose a maul that is fit for your specific purpose and requirements. The mauls listed here are a mix of the highest quality models with a couple of more affordable ones thrown in that still perform well.

The main takeaway form this – as with all my axe posts – is that the high quality brands such as Gransfors Bruk or Helko Werk are fantastic pieces of craftsmanship… but not absolutely necessary for the average user.

I hope this has given you some food for thought… Happy splitting!


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