Professional Chainsaw Attachments – A Whole New World of Fun!

With these professional chainsaw attachments, you may keep your chainsaw in its original form while allowing it to be transformed into highly capable woodworking tools.

With the bar as a vehicle, a toothless chain as an engine, and a protective cover, all manner of timber processing can be achieved safely and effectively with the best chainsaw attachments available today.


Best chainsaw attachments to enhance your chainsaws capabilities!

1. FORESTER Log Wizard Debarking Tool

Best chainsaw attachments
FORESTER Log Wizard Debarking Tool on Amazon

To cut through tree bark and timber, use the power of your chainsaw. A fantastic notch or joint maker. Planing and post sharpening can also be accomplished with this set of log tooling. Suitable for usage at home or in the workplace.

A sturdy carrying case is included for simple transportation. In less than ten minutes, it can be attached to chain saw bars. Woodworking, constructing furniture, cutting firewood, log cabin building, and carving all benefit from this accessory.

Most chain pitches can be accommodated by the universal design of the Sprockets. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of chainsaws, it can be used with any of them. Pre-drilled chainsaw carving bars or drill holes can be used to attach chain saw blades to the end of the saw.

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Removable Blades – Two 3 1/4-inch planer blades are included in the kit. Sharpening or replacing blades is an option. This item is available with or without additional blades. File bark to the proper depth with this heavy-duty logger tool. Do your best to keep yourself safe.

Handtools like the time-consuming shave or curved draw knife debarking tool are replaced by this chainsaw attachment. It can be used as a bark remover or log peeler in a matter of minutes. Woodworking, crafting, and building can all benefit from this.

2. Wolltex Log Peeler

Attaches to the majority of chain saws that are 65cc or less and have chains with a pitch of 325 or 3/8″; the time-saving gadget attaches swiftly and makes quick work of your debarking responsibilities.

Built to last and trustworthy, this tool is made of hardy steel with a powder-coat finish that prevents corrosion for a long service life; it also has ball bearings on both ends of the cutter for a longer service life and further durability.

Make grooves or notches for your furniture making, post construction, and log building needs using sharp blades that use the power of your chain saw to quickly cut through bark and wood.

The log peeler’s design makes it lightweight, which makes it effortless and simple to use; the vivid blue color makes it easy to see. Ideal for use by farmers, furniture makers, log builders, sawmills, and a wide variety of other industries.

1 year limited warranty on parts from the manufacturer Warranty.

3. Haddon Lumbermaker

Best chainsaw attachments
Haddon Lumbermaker on Amazon

The Haddon Lumbermaker, at just over 4 pounds, is an excellent choice for those looking for a portable tool. Any ordinary chainsaw will work with this model’s guideboards, which are available in two sizes: 2 inches by 4 inches and 2 inches by 6 inches.

Plunge cuts can be made with the Lumbermaker chainsaw mill because the saw can be swivelled downward, unlike other chainsaw mills.

A 2×4 or 2×6 can be cut vertically with the hadden, whereas a 2×6 can be cut horizontally with the Granberg. Using this Hadden correctly requires tremendous caution on the part of the user.

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It’s best used to flatten a log’s side. Planks and slabs can only be cut from really huge logs. A little level you may attach to the top of the tool will help you keep your saw vertical when using the hadden, otherwise your cuts will wind back and forth.

4. LAJIAOZ Orange Log Peeler

Best chainsaw attachments

This is designed for stripping logs of any diameter. The LAJIAOZ Orange Log Peeler is constructed for the removal of bark from trunks of varying diameters. The shape of the cylinder allows for maximum cutting performance to be achieved with minimal effort.

Hard metal pins are set directly behind the cutting blades and are built in such a way that the distance of the blade from the log is automatically maintained along the full trunk length regardless of the thickness of the bark. This is accomplished by the arrangement of the pins.

Roots and low-lying branches are severed with relative ease and effectiveness. Because of this, the apparatus is able to not only strip the log but also strip root knots at an angle or diagonally. When dealing with Robinia wood, we suggest employing the use of the contour planer.

The design of the cylinder allows for good cutting performance with minimal input from the user. Regardless of the thickness of the bark, the distance between the cutting blades and the log is automatically maintained by the firm metal pins that are right behind the blades themselves, and lie exactly behind the cutting heads.

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The removal of thin branches and knots is a painless and time-saving process. Because of this, the apparatus is able to not only strip the log, but also strip branches and knots at an angle or diagonally.

5. Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill

Best chainsaw attachments
Norwood PortaMill Chainsaw Sawmill on Amazon

The Norwood Portamill PM14 can be a good option if you need something more robust. Using a ladder extension as a track, this chainsaw mill has a sawhead that runs along the entire length of the log.

You can even use the chainsaw’s operator station to trigger the blade with a throttle actuator connected to the chainsaw’s throttle.

It’s the closest thing to a portable sawmill that you can get. If you’re going to use this attachment, make sure your chainsaw has a 65-cc or higher engine and a ripping chain.

Logs up to 14 inches in diameter and timber up to 8 inches wide can be processed by this machine. Anyone who has to mill a large amount of logs will find this type to be more efficient and user-friendly than a traditional Alaskan sawmill.

From 2 x 4s to 6 x 6s, you can start creating accurate, smooth dimensional lumber with your Norwood PortaMill, chain saw, and stepladder. Up to a 14-inch diameter and as long as your ladder would allow.

As the chain saw head, you adjust the cutting depth, turn the throttle on, and then push the saw through its path.

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It’s going to take some putting together. Application: Achieve dimensional lumber that is both precise and smooth The following items can be handled: 14 green logs up to an inch Works with: Chainsaws with a capacity of at least 50cc

6. ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill

Best chainsaw attachments
ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill on Amazon

The Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill G777 is an easy-to-use model for those who have never used a chainsaw mill before. With chainsaw bars ranging from 16 to 20 inches in length and engines delivering at least 50 cc of power, this tool can be used to cut materials ranging in thickness from 12 inch to 13 inches.

Crafted in the United States from aviation aluminum and zinc-plated steel, the mill features a clear polycarbonate safety guard. Even if you’ve never used a chainsaw mill before, you’ll be able to make clean, even cuts with this equipment once you get the feel of it.

No drilling is necessary to attach this to your chainsaw bar. Make cuts up to 18″ broad and 1/2″ to 13″ deep by tightening pressure nuts on the chain bar.

Allows the user to mill lumber wherever the tree falls because it is light and portable. There’s no need to have any prior experience!

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Slabs, planks, and beams can all be made with this tool. Introducing new CNC-machined billet end plates! (As depicted in the accompanying photograph)

Compared to the old die cast end brackets, these new ones are more precise, easier to adjust, produce less vibration, and are nearly unbreakable. A must-have for any woodworker or arborist.


Having the best chainsaw attachments is vital in the milling industry. Your chain saw’s power and efficiency can be increased with the correct attachment. While most of us are adept cutters, we fall short when it comes to caring after our tools, even after we’ve finished using them.

Maintaining a chainsaw is often forgotten, just like the broad variety of accessories and spare parts meant to keep your equipment running at its best without wasting time.

Some chainsaw accessories are necessary for starting the engine, while others enhance cutting or make refueling easier, while still others safeguard the equipment and the operator… Others are just for FUN!


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