What Is Better, Chainsaw Chaps Or Pants?

Safety is essential when dealing with hazardous or potentially dangerous equipment such as chainsaws. Chainsaw pants are designed to be worn over the usual pants and provide additional protection and ensure your safety whenever you are using the chainsaw.

They are designed to be comfortable and valuable whenever you work with your chainsaw. Not only will they provide you with the protection that you need, but they are also quite comfortable and ensure you have a peaceful time working on your projects.


What do chainsaw pants do?

Chainsaw pants, also known as chainsaw chaps, are made from a protective kind of fabric meant to protect you in different ways. The outermost layer ensures that you are kept safe from trivial damage when you are in contact with filler material.

For this reason, it is tough and slippery. Beneath this layer is other layers usually made from ballistic nylon and lose fibers like Kevlar.

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Do chainsaw chaps work?

Yes. Chainsaw chaps do work. Whenever you contact the chainsaw while wearing the chaps, it will cut through the material of the outer layer. However, the damage will not get to you since the inner layers have been designed to be loose enough to be drawn out by the chainsaw and wrapped around the chainsaw’s drive sprocket.

With the yanking force that takes place, the tool will be locked up, and as such, the chain will be halted entirely to ensure that it does not cause you any further damage.

What are chainsaw chaps made of?

Beneath the outer protective layer of the chainsaw chaps are the loose layers that have been designed from materials such as Kevlar and ballistic nylon.

For this reason, they are strong enough to take on harder materials and objects such as the chain of your chainsaw, and they can easily prevent them from causing damage to your legs.

The chaps are pretty strong, and the material that makes them is thick and able to stand up to all kinds of machinery. The chainsaw will not be a reason for you to worry when you have chainsaw chaps on.

What is better, chainsaw chaps or pants?

Chainsaw pants and chainsaw chaps are not very different, except the pants are meant to be worn as pants. This means that they will cover every part of your legs from the waist to the ankles and help wear all day long.

As such, whenever you need to use your chainsaw for the entire day, the chainsaw pants will prove to be quite helpful. They will protect you all day long and ensure that you work in a safe and conducive working environment.

When you need to use your chainsaw for several quick jobs, the chainsaw chaps are the best option. They will ensure that you have constant protection while handling your chainsaw, and they will also be helpful for the task at hand.

When you are done with them, getting them off will be pretty effortless, and you will be able to go about the rest of your day without any problem.

The choice you make between the chainsaw pants and the chainsaw chaps depends on how long you would like to use your chainsaw. Prolonged use calls for the chainsaw pants, while the chainsaw chaps will best handle a quick job.

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Can you wash chainsaw trousers?

Yes. Chainsaw trousers can be washed in your washing machine. You will need to run a rinse cycle first to eliminate all excess detergent and fabric softener in the machine.

Next, you will need to place your trousers in the machine and pour about 150ml of Nikwax Tech Wash into the machine. Set the machine to its synthetic setting and wash at 30 degrees. This should take a while, and when they are all washed, take them out and hang them out to dry.

Ensure that you have dried the inside and the outside of the trousers. Remember to empty the pockets before washing and ensure that the vents are open for a thorough cleaning. Take caution not to tumble dry or blow dry, and also do not use any fabric softeners.

Additionally, when you are drying the trousers, do not dry them near a heat source. This will ensure that you get the best results and a clean pair of chainsaw trousers that you can use for another day and stay safe while you go about your usual activities.

Do chainsaw chaps protect against electric chainsaws?

Not all chaps have been rated to protect against cordless and corded electric chainsaws. This is because the Tek warp fibers and the Kevlar inside the chainsaw chaps will break apart and clog the chain if an accident happens.

The chain will be instantly stopped as a result, and in the case of the electric-powered chainsaw, the chainsaw will not be halted even when the chain has run into some form of problem.

For this reason, there will be no clutch to engage the chain and halt the chainsaw. As such, not all manufacturers of chainsaw chaps have certified their products to be used with electric chainsaws.

The protective capabilities are not enough to disengage the chainsaw, and as such, it is not entirely safe to use the chainsaw chaps to keep yourself safe when you are handling your electric chainsaw.

How long should your chainsaw chaps be?

Chaps are meant to be fitted over your pants or jeans and protect your legs when working with your chainsaw.

They are made from an exceptionally thick material that can significantly slow the chain down if a chainsaw contacts your leg. As such, you have additional time to react and get to safety, such as turning off the chainsaw and disengaging the chain.

With such protection, you will quickly reduce the severity of chainsaw injuries and the damage you might incur in an accident. To find out the ideal measurements for your chainsaw chaps, you need to stand straight on the ground and place the tip of a measuring tape on the ground next to one leg.

Stretch the measuring tape up the waist and let an assistant read out the measurements for you. This will be the length of your chainsaw chaps and what you should order when you are making a purchase.

The length ensures that your chainsaw chaps will fit you comfortably and ensure that your legs are protected whenever you are using the chainsaw. With the proper length, you will get fitting chaps for use while working.

What are the best chainsaw pants or chaps?

The Husqvarna 587160704 Apron Wrap Chaps or the Husqvarna 587160704 chainsaw chaps are the highest selling chainsaw chaps. They are great gear for demanding jobs and ensure that you work safely like a professional. The gray and orange safety chap is adjustable for the waist, and as such, you will not have any trouble getting the perfect fit.

The chaps have been specially engineered with a PVC coated denier polyester with Tek warp protective layers, which will easily pull apart whenever the chainsaw chain gets in touch with them. The unique technology is also meant to clog up the sprocket system to stop the chain from moving around depending on the angle made during contact.

They are also easy to wear and get off and fit right over your existing pants. The manufacturer is also known to make some of the best chainsaws globally, and as leading engineers, they have sure put some good research and development behind the chainsaw chaps.

As such, you can rest assured of safe use of the chainsaw chaps and operating in a safe and secure environment where accidents will not be severe, and you will be saved from trips to the emergency room. Other high-quality chainsaw chaps and pants include:

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Safety is one of the greatest priorities whenever you are working with potentially hazardous equipment and machinery.

You should invest in the best protection for yourself whenever you deal with dangerous machines such as a chainsaw. When working with a chainsaw, the best way to keep yourself safe is by ensuring that you put on the best pair of chainsaw pants or chainsaw chaps.

These will keep you protected at all times and stop the chainsaw from spinning and causing severe damage when you are using your chainsaw. When you need something that you can wear for the entire day, chainsaw pants are the ideal choice as they are comfortable and meant to be worn for longer.

The chainsaw chaps are easy to pull on and will be the perfect fit for those projects that are only expected to take a small while. For this reason, you will not have a problem putting them on and removing them when you are done with the task that you need to be done.

Although there are some better quality chaps out there (listed above) a good, all round affordable option are Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, designed to be effective and safe whenever you work with your chainsaw.


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