Do Electric Chainsaws Need Oil? – What Kind?

Maintenance is important for all the equipment and tools that you use regularly. It ensures that the equipment is always working efficiently, increases the active lifetime of the product, and prevents accidents and injuries caused by using inefficient equipment.

With a bit of maintenance here and there, you can easily get a few more years of service from your equipment. It’s very profitable and saves you a lot in terms of money. Additionally, the equipment keeps working a lot more effectively, making you more productive and fruitful on your ventures.


Electric Chainsaws

Cutting big bits of wood requires a chainsaw and an electric chainsaw is a good example of a tool that you can use for various undertakings in your workshop. The electric chainsaw does not require fuel to run since its power is obtained from an electric source.

However, despite running on electricity, the chainsaw still requires lubrication for the chain and the bar to ensure that it works effectively and does not give you problems while you use it.

When you have your chain and bar well-oiled, your electric chainsaw will run a lot better, and it will not cause you any trouble when you use it.

Ideal Oil for an Electric Chainsaw

You can only use lubrication oil for the electric chainsaw since these are a lot safer for the particular area of application and are good for the environment. The wrong oil can bring huge damage to the oiling system, and it is best to avoid oils such as reclaimed motor oil and vegetable oil.

Using the right kind of oil for your electric chainsaw makes your work a lot easier, adds to the lifetime of your chainsaw, and does not cause any damage to your bar and chain components. These oils can be obtained from your local garden store or a hardware store.

For greater efficiency, you can purchase large bottles of oil to reduce the overall costs. It is not advisable to always go for the cheaper oils as these can cause you greater expenses when you use the wrong oil.

Avoid long-term costs by getting the ideal lubrication oil for your electric chainsaw. A recommended premium bar and chain oil suitable for all types of chainsaw is this one from Husqvarna:

Husqvarna premium bar and chain oil

Husqvarna Premium bar and chain oil on Amazon

Dangers of Using the Wrong Oil

The wrong choice of oil will not only damage your chain and bar very quickly but is also known to cause damage to your clutch assembly and the drive sprocket. These are very useful and critical components of the electric chainsaw, and when they are damaged, you will no longer be able to use the chainsaw effectively.

Additionally, if the tip of your chainsaw is too hot or emanating some smoke, this is a clear sign that the level of lubrication for your chainsaw is incredibly low.

For this reason, you should immediately turn the chainsaw off and check your oiling system to ensure that the wrong oil does not cause further damage to your chainsaw.

How do you oil an electric chainsaw?

  • Disconnect your saw from the extension cord and place it on a flat bench. Allow for the chainsaw to cool completely before proceeding.
  • Using a towel, clean the cover at the top of the chainsaw and the oil filler cap at the top to remove all signs of debris. If debris falls into the oil tank, it can cause contamination, disrupting the automatic oiling function.
  • Remove the oil tank cap by turning it counterclockwise. Using a small funnel, pour lubrication oil gently into the funnel and always keep an eye on the oil level from the outside. When the oil reaches the mark labeled full, stop.
  • Unplug the funnel and clean up all other spills with a towel. Screw back the oil tank cap and ensure that it closes tightly.

With this done, you will have added oil to your chain and bar, and any chain movement around the bar will not cause any serious friction. As such, the chainsaw will work just smoothly, and it will not give you any problems as you use it.

The procedure is really simple, but one thing to remember is to keep your work clean and getting rid of any oil spills and excess oil before using your electric chainsaw. Here’s a quick demonstration on how to add bar and chain oil to your electric chainsaw:

Will an electric chainsaw work without oil?

If you try to use the electric chainsaw without oil, you will be on the path to destroying your chainsaw. The friction caused by the chain’s movement on the bar will bring a lot of heat.

The heat is very dangerous as it can cause significant damage to your chainsaw. This will dramatically reduce the useful life of the chainsaw resulting in having to buy a new one.

You have to consider other serious issues concerning safety, such as the friction causing the chain to wear off and tear while it is still in operation. Such an accident would be very dangerous and a potential hazard to the person operating the chainsaw.

So, simply put, an electric chainsaw cannot work without oil. The oil is needed for lubricating the moving components of the chainsaw, and when it is ignored, it can lead to serious damage and has been known to cause many safety issues.

The oil prevents overheating, and the lifespan of your chainsaw will also be increased.

Can I use motor oil for my electric chainsaw?

Motor oil is less viscous than bar oil and cannot be used in the same environment as bar oil. Using motor oil can cause inadequate lubrication for your chainsaw, and it is not recommended.

Always ensure that you get the right kind of oil for your electric chainsaw, even if it might be a little more expensive than motor oil.

Motor oil will not be as effective, and some places will not reach or lubricate effectively. Additionally, motor oil does not have the same stickiness as bar oil and will not give you enough lubrication and protection over a huge period.

Also, remember always to use clean oil that has not been used before since small particles in used oil can cause damage to your bar and chain. Even vegetable oil has its downsides since it can easily be oxidized and should not be used for your electric chainsaw.


Electric chainsaws require no fuel or engine oil but it is absolutely necessary to use a good lubricating oil for the moving parts. Oiling keeps the bar and chain properly lubricated to ensure the most efficient performance and also reduces the risk of malfunction or injury to the user.

The advantage of an electric chainsaw is the minimal maintenance required – but lubricating oil is absolutely necessary to prolong the life of the chainsaw and keep it healthy and in good working order.


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