Gränsfors Bruk Axes Are Expensive… Are They Worth The Money?

When looking for the best axes for your job, look no further than Gransfors Bruk axes. These are hand-crafted axes that have been made to perfection and follow a tradition that has been passed down for generations.

They are a serious tool that is raw and practical in their application. The outstanding axes are known to be among some of the most expensive in the world and to be honest about it, they are worth the money you pay for them.

They make a quick job out of your firewood and produce the best kind of results in relatively less time. This is the reason they are loved by people all over the world.


Gränsfors Bruk Axes

So, why are these axes considered to be very expensive? Well, the answer lies in the fact that they are a fine work of craftsmanship, and as such, they can only be made by a handful of experienced people that understand how to produce the best axes.

Additionally, these axes are not mass-produced since they are handcrafted, which means that they are made in limited quantities.

The limited numbers they are produced in ensures that they are made to perfection, and the high quality of the axes is maintained. As such, you can be sure of the best results from the axes, which are always carefully inspected to ensure that they meet the exceptionally high standards set for their production.

Where are Gränsfors Bruk axes made?

For more than 100 years, Gransfors Bruk has been manufacturing axes out of Sweden. They are crafted for the respect of the individual who will be using them, and as such, they make the most out of available resources.

The manufacturing process has also been designed to make the most negligible impact on the environment by using the abundant renewable energy available in Sweden and methods that do not produce any environmental emissions.

This is important for the planet as a whole and makes it possible for the axes to be designed to reflect a long-standing tradition of excellence and perfection in every edge of the ax.

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When was Gränsfors Bruk founded?

Gransfors Bruk was founded in 1902. This is when they started their operations but maintained the culture and tradition of hand forging everything they produce. This means that every step of the ax manufacturing process is done by hand or under human supervision.

This ensures that you have the very best standards and the kind of results that you can reliably use for many years. The hand-forged axes have been designed to fulfill a particular function, and the area of application determines the ax’s design.

Since 1902, Gransfors Bruk axes have been created using a long-proven process and methodology. For instance, some people need forest axes to use in felling large trees, while others will specifically desire splitting axes that can be used to split firewood.

These are particular kinds of axes. Their different designs make them specialized for the areas of applications that they will be used in. For 100 years, Gransfors have perfected their craft and held their long tradition of producing nothing but the best axes.

This is evident in the quality of their work which has remained the same all that time and has never changed a bit. Hand-forged axes have harsh results to replicate using modern automated processes. The human touch that goes into their production ensures a design that people will appreciate.

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Moreover, Gransfors has also been exceptionally good at double-bit axes, which have two edges and are primarily used in competitions where ax-throwing is held as an activity. Over time, they have also developed courses that are used to train new blacksmiths in the art of forging credible axes in a range of applications.

The tradition that has been in place fo more than 100 years has also come with improvements in the design and forging process, and the quality of work has remained consistent over the years that the company has been in existence.

What steel does Gränsfors Bruk use?

As mentioned, Gransfors Bruk uses manufacturing processes and methodologies that have the most negligible impact on the environment.

An example is the kind of steel that they use in their forging processes. Gransfors make use of steel that has been derived out of recycled scraps. These scraps are usually sorted into different grades to produce a special kind of steel with minimal impact on the environment.

The use of recycled steel also means that Gransfors can reduce the dependency on mining for steel production. This is indeed a significant commitment to the environment, and with the much investment that is being put into these new types of steel, they can achieve more durable results.

A lot of research is also going into new kinds of steel, and the production processes are also making significantly less use of oil and carbon for each ton of manufactured steel. This is the kind of steel that has been designed to ensure that they forge the perfect ax head.

It is neither too hard nor too soft, making it the ideal steel for axes. As such, the axe production process that Gransfors uses can make use of recycled steel, which means that reliance on other forms of steel is reduced, and so is the impact on the environment.

Are Gränsfors Bruk axes worth the money?

Each ax has been forced keenly and carefully by an experienced smith that always takes pride in their work. This is evident from the initials that are stamped on the ax. Another sign of good quality and perfection in craftsmanship is the classic design of the handles.

The handles are always designed so that they can ensure a tight fit and are also treated in beeswax after soaking in hot linseed oil to ensure endurance. The handles are also curved to make them easier to handle.

The blade is also sharpened to a razor point of sharpness to ensure that they are effective at every area of application that you will be using them in. A grained leather sheath included with the Gransfors axes means that they have the best quality.

As such, you can be assured that your money is being well spent when you are investing in these exceptional axes. They have the best people working to ensure the best results, and it doesn’t matter what you are getting the axes for.

The fact that they are hand-forged means that they are of excellent quality and you can be assured that you will be getting the best quality from them. You only need to invest once, and you are assured of excellent service from that moment onward.

For instance, the design of the handle provides for flexible handling of the ax, which means that you will be more effective with it. You can quickly get a huge load of firewood done in a matter of minutes thanks to a firm grip which increases your cutting efficiency and ensures that you can achieve the best results.

Hand-forged axes have better quality and perfection since the process they go through is always done under human supervision, and as such, there are fewer imperfections and errors in the structure and design of the axes.

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Many products on sale today are clearly over-priced. The value of a product is based on many factors, one of them being the ability to serve its intended purpose time and time again without failure.

This is a quality that Gransfors Bruk axes have in abundance. High quality, hand made to perfection, and capable to stand tall against any opponent.


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    Not all in Norway is so satisfied with Granfors axes after comments i read,
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