How To Store A Chainsaw Correctly (and Leak-Free)

Storing your chainsaw in a manner that does not leak oil ensures that you do not create a mess but above all, it will prolong the life of your chainsaw. Additionally, it is also known to significantly improve the performance of your chainsaw as the chainsaw will always be in tip top condition.

It is critical that you know how to store your chainsaw in a manner that prevents leaks, damage to components and preserves the functional ability of the chainsaw. A chainsaw that leaks oil or fuel during storage will significantly impact its performance over time, so it is important to store your chainsaw in the correct manner.

As a means of maintaining the state of your chainsaw, lubrication is essential and ensures longevity for your chain. The lack of lubrication can cause the chain to start heating up, bringing about severe damage to the cutting attachment.

Your chainsaw is expected to go through a variety of loads, and for this reason, it has to be in the best condition, which means that you should avoid leaks at all costs.

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Is it usual for a chainsaw to leak oil?

The way a chainsaw works causes the potential for it to leak oil. Oil pumped from the tank via the guide bar will cause air to replace the space occupied by the oil. Without proper ventilation of your oil tank, a vacuum will occur, significantly affecting the flow of oil to the guide bar.

Most chainsaws make use of a one-way valve oil tank breathing system to let in the air into the tank while you use the chainsaw. This should happen without any oil getting leaked to the operator.

However, the oil might be forced out of the tank under certain conditions through the oil pump while your chainsaw is in storage. This is usually a result of variations in air pressure as the temperature varies during the day and at night.

The valve being one-way means that pressure changes during the night and day will cause the oil to be forced out. In cases where the chainsaw has been stored for an extended period, this cycle of temperature and air pressure changes might cause it to pump itself dry.

Is it bad to hang a chainsaw by the handle?

If you intend to be storing your chainsaw for a few months, you must store it correctly. This starts with a good cleaning to ensure that all the wood chips and dust has been removed from the chainsaw. You should also give the chainsaw bar a light oiling and remember to empty all the fuel.

Do not forget to drain the carburetor before storing the chainsaw for a long time. This will ensure no leaks, and even when you hand the chainsaw by the handle, it will not leak any oil while it is in storage.

However, you should ensure that the hook where you are hanging the chainsaw is strong enough to handle the entire weight of the chainsaw. A weak hook might cause the chainsaw to come crashing down, which is likely to cause injury or shorten the life of the chainsaw.

Is it OK to store a chainsaw vertically?

It is not considered wrong to store your chainsaw vertically but when you do, ensure that the fuel tank is not full.

A full fuel tank can result in the fuel leaking out and causing a potentially flammable fire risk – it also makes a damn mess! To prevent such leakages, ensure that the fuel level is below the filler cup when you store the chainsaw in a vertical position. This will prevent any leakages, and you will be able to use the chainsaw for longer.

Even though chainsaws have holes in their guide bar, you should never make use of them to hang the saw vertically. When you do, the entire weight of the chainsaw will be placed on the bar, and it is not meant to handle such weights. It can cause damage to the guide bar so just don’t do it.

Is it OK to leave fuel in a chainsaw when not in use?

Chainsaw fuel

Yes. You can leave fuel in the chainsaw when you are not using it. For instance, when you are storing it for the winter, it mustn’t be completely dry of fuel. The reason is that the interior seals should not be allowed to dry as this can cause them to crack, which is not suitable for your chainsaw.

However, storage that goes for longer than six months will cause the gas to spoil, which will require more maintenance when you want to start using your chainsaw again.

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You can leave a bit of fuel inside the chainsaw to prevent it from drying up completely and beginning to form cracks. The rest of the fuel can be emptied to ensure that it does not go bad when left in the chainsaw.

The seals should stay moist so that the carburetors do not gum up. When you need to make use of your chainsaw again after a long period of no use, you can add back the usual mixture of oil and gas, and it will be able to work as you have been used to.

How long can gas sit in a chainsaw?

You can have the gas in the chainsaw for up to 6 months. The ideal duration for the gas to sit in the chainsaw is usually three months. After six months of no use, the gas will start to go rancid, and as such, you will not be able to get the kind of use you would expect from your chainsaw.

The chainsaw will still run as you would expect, but it rapidly deteriorates and stops functioning in the way you would like. As such, it is essential to change the gas when it has been left in the chainsaw for more than six months.

Where does the oil come out on a chainsaw?

On some chainsaw brands, such as the Stihl chainsaw, you should look for the oil relief valve at the side of the housing covering the engine.

The valve is generally located between the guide bar studs and the oil outlet port. This allows oil to seep and lubricate your chainsaw to ensure that it cuts through all loads you are working on.

Unless the valve is stuck or blocked, a little oil should be seeping from it when you push against it with a wire. A little push is usually enough to free the valve, and once it has been unblocked, the oil will continue to seep from the valve and lubricate your chain.

How do you store a chainsaw short term vs. long term?

Chainsaw storage

You can store your chainsaw by hanging it against the wall on a robust hook in the short term. The method is usually enough to keep your chainsaw for the short term, but you should reduce the amount of fuel in the chainsaw.

For long-term storage, you must first empty the fuel tank. After emptying it, make sure that you clean it and drain the carburetor. This will ensure that the diaphragms in the carburetor do not stick together.

Also, remove the guide bar and the chain before cleaning them and spraying protective oil over them. Store the chainsaw in a dry place where it is well ventilated, protected from the weather, and safely out of the way.

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It is also essential that your chainsaw is stored in an environment free of dust regardless of the duration you intend to store it. Some brands provide exceptional cases and bags that will protect your machine from dust. Also, ensure that your chainsaw is kept out of reach of other people.

What are the best storage ideas for chainsaws?

To ensure that your chainsaw is safely used, you should store it somewhere children will not be able to reach it. A lockable room is usually the ideal storage solution and will ensure that your chainsaw is safely locked away in a way that prevents other people from reaching it or getting hurt.

Other considerations to keep in mind include dust and its effect on the chainsaw and when you have a carry bag to protect your machine, it will stay preserved for longer. It is not recommended to store your chainsaw outdoors as it will be exposed to the elements and as such, the parts will deteriorate a lot faster.

Direct rays of sunlight are also harmful to your chainsaw as they lead to a condition known as UV embrittlement, which means that your chainsaw becomes weaker when exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Ventilation is recommended, and you should also keep your chainsaw away from the floor. This will keep it safe in the event of a sudden water leak.

With proper storage, not only will you be getting a more extended period of usage out of your chainsaw, but it will also be in good condition for as long as it is in storage. This ensures that you can use it after the storage season without much maintenance or repairs.

The Best Storage Options for Chainsaws

A lot of people choose to hang their chainsaws from hooks and mounts, but there are other options including bags, cases, boxes, scabbards, hangers, and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your chainsaws on the floor if it is safely out of harms way, but if you want to free up some space, here are some options you could consider. There are basic options for some protection or more rugged items to prevent your chainsaw from being accidentally damaged or leaking all over the floor.

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Well there you have it. How to keep a chainsaw safely and correctly stored, with some quick options included for your own specific requirements. I hope this has been of some help to you, and if not, let me know in the comments on how this article could be improved – I wont be offended!


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