Top 10 Best Rated Bushcraft Knives – Guaranteed For Survival!

When conquering the great outdoors, you need to have a good knife that you can trust. Before you head outdoors, you must be adequately prepared, and this means that the items that you carry should be able to ensure your survival and convenience when you are on your adventure. These best rated bushcraft knives are merely a click away!

You might bring your compass with you, a fire starter, sleeping bags, and even tents. However, the one thing that you should never forget to have with you is a bushcraft knife.

This is the kind of knife that features a sleek design with a straight blade and can be used to curve into the wood, create wooden sticks and chips for your campfires, as well as tackle many other tasks when you are out there in nature.

These knives might sound a lot close in function and appearance to survival knives, but they are, in fact, quite different. The survival knives are larger and have longer blades, making them suitable for cutting logs into pieces.

Bushcraft knives are designed for cutting tasks of a smaller nature, and their handheld design means that they are ideally suited for smaller tasks outdoors

. When it comes to the best bushcraft knives, we have a list of what you should look for to ensure that you can have an easier time outdoors.

Following are some of the top 10 best-rated bushcraft knives that you will find helpful whenever you are shopping for a new knife to bring with you on your outdoor excursions and camping trips.


10 Best Rated Bushcraft Knives

1. Morakniv Carbon Steel Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Morakniv Carbon Steel Knife
Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath, 4.3-Inch, Black on Amazon

This is one tool with a serious design. It has been manufactured to stand up to all kinds of applications and challenges you will encounter on your outdoor adventure. It also provides the sharpness, control, and durability you require.

The blade has been made from carbon steel and features a crisply sharpened edge with an anti-corrosive coating on the surface that is meant to prevent rusting and other kinds of damages caused by weather exposure.

The blade features Scandi grind, a feature that ensures that your knife does not slip and, as such, makes it ideal for all kinds of small tasks.

The knife also features a comfortable, rubber-grip handle that even has a fire starter feature included to ensure that you can quickly start a few even when it is wet. This is the best choice of bushcraft knife for your outdoor applications.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and safe


  • The included sharpener tends to damage the knife

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2. Weyland Bugout Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Weyland Bugout Knife
WEYLAND Survival Bugout Knife with Sheath on Amazon

When you need a good and reliable bushcraft knife, this is the ideal choice for you. It is reasonably priced and suitable for anyone working with limited funds which means that you get the best quality when you buy this knife.

The knife features a blade made entirely of steel, and a serrated edge, which means that you can do a lot more with the knife. For instance, the serrated edge means that you can see, cut, and curve more efficiently, making the knife ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The blade even features a gut hook that enables you to process the hunted game more efficiently and in such a manner that you will not have to carry a considerable number of knives when you are venturing outdoors.

The knife’s edge also stays sharp even after prolonged use, and it has a firm, stable grip provided by the plastic handle.

There is a glass breaker inside the handle that can enable you to easily break glass and windows whenever you find yourself in a dire scenario. It is recommended that you sharpen this knife to maintain its sharp edge.


  • Solid grip
  • Multiple functions


  • The sheath causes the knife to dull more quickly

3. Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Knife
TOPS Knives Brothers of Bushcraft – Tumble Finish on Amazon

Even though this knife is more expensive than other knives available in the market, it is more reliable. It has been made from premium quality materials to ensure that you have the best experience with the knife.

The knife features fantastic details and the best materials, such as a carbon steel blade with a sharp edge. It also features a tan finish and is sharpened using a professional Scandinavian grind.

The knife is your ideal choice for skinning game and other different types of outdoor tasks. It has impressive usability features that make it easier to handle and control.

Other additional features on the knife include a lanyard hole, a finger guard, and a scraper that make it safer to use. The knife is also available in a simple and convenient package making it one of the best tools for most outdoor tasks and applications.


  • Can handle all kinds of cutting tasks
  • Ease of use


  • Sheath is not of good quality

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4. Morakniv Companion Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Morakniv Companion Knife
Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife with Sandvik Carbon Steel Blade on Amazon

This is one of the best outdoor knives that you can definitely rely on. It has a high-quality steel blade that is sharp and thick enough to ensure that you have as much stability and flexibility as you need for the vast range of tasks you will be undertaking.

The knife is also intricately designed and large to ensure that you can accomplish more with it. The knife’s design also features a protective material that prevents rust and protects the knife.

As such, you are assured of a long-lasting knife that will be able to serve you for a more significant duration without breaking down or losing its keen edge no matter how long you have been using the knife.

The knife is also durable and can withstand a tremendous amount of stress no matter what you are doing with it.

At the other end of this knife is a handle with an ergonomic shape made with a rubber grip to prevent slipping. It ensures that your hand is always firmly on the knife, even when working in the cold and wet outdoors.

The knife’s blade can also serve as a fire starter, and as such, you can quickly get a flame started with the knife when you are camping.


  • Long-lasting
  • Maintains sharpness


  • It is slightly heavier than usual blades

5. Schrade Frontier Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Schrade Frontier Knife
Schrade SCHF52M Frontier 13in High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife on Amazon

This is the one knife that has been proven to do everything that you would expect from it. It is a multi-purpose knife that fits your cutting needs and a whole load of other outdoor tasks.

It is also typically longer than other bushcraft models meaning that you can wield it for a massive range of tasks outdoors. The Schrade Frontier is also lightweight and has an excellent steel blade.

Additionally, it has been powder-coated to add to its durability and protection from corrosion and rust.

As such, you are assured of longer usability for your knife. Whenever you are ready to make use of the knife, an included thermoplastic handle makes for the best grip that will add to your control of the knife and how effectively you can wield it for a range of applications.

An included belt sheath makes it easier for you to attach the knife to your outdoor or camping setup, and bringing it with you will be much simpler. Another fantastic feature of the knife is a sharpening stone, Ferro rod, and a lanyard hole.


  • Ideal for small scale applications
  • Lots of built-in features


  • Cannot withstand the rough outdoor tasks

6. Condor Bushlore Camp Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Condor Bushlore Camp Knife
Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife on Amazon

This kind of knife features a classic style and has a sturdy build. It is the best option for when you need a high-quality blade that does not have much in the way of coloring, coating, or designs.

The blade is built into a simple wooden handle which adds to the remarkable simplicity of the knife. However, this does not mean that the product is of low quality.

On the contrary, this knife has been manufactured using the best quality of materials. Which means that you can quickly achieve more reliability in the long term and consistent performance on all your tasks and projects.

Anything that you set out to do with this knife while on your camping trip will be simple and effective, given the extraordinary strength of the bushcraft knife.

It is also great at batoning and ideal for all your carving and kindling needs. It is also very sharp from the moment you start using it, and the wooden handle provides for a more secure feel when you are holding it.


  • High quality
  • Higher cutting efficiency


  • Leather sheath tends to loosen over time

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7. Off-Grid Backcountry Coyote

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Off Grid Backcountry Coyote
Off-Grid Knives – Backcountry Coyote Fixed Blade on Amazon

If your intent for going outdoors is hunting, this is the ideal knife choice for you. It has all the features that you need and has a full-tang steel design.

It has a heat-treated exterior that provides the best form of defence against rust and corrosion. This is also why this knife is known to have a longer lifespan since it has excellent protection against wear.

The handle is designed to provide you with the best grip when handling the knife, and even in cases when you are working with tricky actions like batoning. You’ll find this knife to be safe to use and easy to control.

The custom weatherproof Kydex and quick-clip holds the knife with amazing security, No movement, no rattle… your blade is safe and secure when you’re on the move.

The blade can help you get a fire started when you are outdoors, and as such, you have a way of keeping yourself warm and comfortable when you are camping or on some other outdoor trip.


  • Multiple functions and applications
  • Firm grip


  • Grip too squared-off for some users

8. Schrade SCHF36 Frontier

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Schrade SCHF36 Frontier
Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Knife on Amazon

This is the ideal companion for you whenever you venture out on camping trips or some other adventure in the wild outdoors. The bushcraft knife features a fantastic sheath that makes for easy carrying and can be worn with belts and pouches for greater convenience.

The knife has been made from stainless steel with a high amount of carbon, making the blade incredibly powerful for all kinds of applications you will encounter when you are outdoors.

The cutting edge of the knife and its spine make it appear impressive, and it has a grip that is meant to fit comfortably when you hold it. The handle also stays more securely in your hand thanks to grooves, jimping, and a finger coil that will make your hold on the knife that more robust and firm.

This is the one kind of bushcraft knife that you can conveniently carry with you for all sorts of outdoor excursions, and it will prove to be precisely what you need for a considerable number of applications.

This will be your most convenient choice when you need to get something done with a knife.


  • Firm grip
  • Comfortable use
  • Convenient carrying


  • Coating wears easily

9. BPS Adventurer Bushcraft Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - BPS Adventurer
BPS Adventurer – Full Tang Bushcraft Knife on Amazon

For a more comfortable experience, this is the perfect knife for you. The bushcraft knife features an ergonomic handle which is ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks.

The handle is made from walnut wood which is quite exceptional, and it has a steel blade that features a unique yet effective shape and a sharp, functional cutting edge.

One of the main benefits that you’ll realize from this knife is that you won’t be required to sharpen it as regularly. It has been taken through a patented heat-treatment process during manufacturing to easily maintain a sharp edge.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sharp edge


  • Cannot withstand rough-cutting tasks

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10. Holtzman’s Gorilla Knife

Best Rated Bushcraft Knives - Holtzman’s Gorilla Knife
Holtzman’s Gorilla Knife on Amazon

This features everything you would need in a knife packaged in a slim product. It is sharp and tough, with the included Kydex sheath ensuring protection. It is an excellent choice of a knife to bring with you when camping and can also be used when hunting.

It has a unique kind of blade that is known to be resistant to rust and corrosion, and as such, it can serve you for much longer and withstand all kinds of outdoor weather conditions.

It can also cut through a larger selection of materials and has a fiberglass handle to ensure that you are always in control.

The handle also prevents slipping when you are using the knife, and you can also get a fire started with the G10 scraper included with the knife.

There are many ways to achieve more value from this knife, regardless of what area of the application you will be using it in.


  • Multiple uses and functions
  • Safe to use


  • Using it to start fires might wear it down faster


Whenever you are going outdoors for camping, hunting, or other adventures, you need a reliable knife. A small, sharp, and lightweight knife is often required to make your work easier.

You will need to accomplish many small cutting tasks, and a bushcraft knife is often the best choice for you. You can also use the knife to start a fire, among other things.

This way, your outdoor experience will be more memorable, and you will be more self-sufficient when you are out camping. With the bushcraft knives that have been listed above, your search for an excellent knife to carry with you has been simplified.


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