How To Bring A Chainsaw On An Airplane Safely – Know The Rules!

A chainsaw is obviously an excellent instrument for chopping down trees and logs. There may be situations that require you to travel with one. Taking chainsaws on airplanes isn’t like packing your socks or toiletries and it certainly wont be in your hand luggage or in the overhead compartment!

The safety of passengers is a major concern for the vast majority of airline businesses. If you’re going on a trip, you’ll be given instructions on what you should and shouldn’t do.

There are restrictions on what you may and cannot bring in as checked luggage when traveling with petrol-powered tools.

A carry-on bag is not permitted for these tools. Combustion engines can include very volatile and low-combustion-threshold liquids. If they explode or catch fire, they could injure or destroy people and property, hence they cannot be brought on planes.

If you don’t follow the rules and ask your airline in advance, it’s not safe to bring them on the plane.


Chainsaws on a Plane

The only way you can bring chainsaws is if they are in a case. These things aren’t allowed in your carry-on. These things can only be transported as checked baggage. However, there are limitations to this as well.

These must be approved by the airline before they can be taken on board. In the absence of any additional hazardous elements, electric-powered equipment such as chainsaws and drills are not considered dangerous.

Before being transported by air, it is standard practice to empty all chainsaws of fuel. For those who often travel, this should not come as a surprise.

Get rid of any remaining fuel in your engine by draining the tank and leaving it empty for a few days. As a result, the engine will remain clean and safe.

What are the restrictions?

If you want to bring a chainsaw on an aircraft, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. The airline’s policies must be followed at all times. Only if there are no signs of fuel fumes or residual can you transport petrol-powered tools. A hard-sided package must be used to transport these items.

Chainsaw restrictions on aircraft

If the engine isn’t adequately cleaned, you can’t transport these tools. You must meet the requirements of your airline if you want to fly. Special provision A70 is the Dangerous Goods requirement that must be met.

There should be no loose liquid in the engine. Do not attempt to travel with a chainsaw that has not been well cleaned and clear of any free liquids, as this is highly unlikely to be permitted.

Why are Chainsaws restricted?

Liquids used in internal combustion engines have a high risk of igniting or exploding. The reason they can’t be brought on an aircraft is because of this. If these items explode, they pose a threat to everyone on board.

To fly with these items, you must first seek permission from a travel agency or an airline agency. Combustion liquids in chainsaws may contain liquids with a low combustion threshold but which can ignite quickly.

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Passengers could be injured or killed if one of them explodes or bursts into flames. As a result, if you have restricted items in your carry-on luggage, you will be required to check everything else.

Petrol Powered Chainsaws

Petrol powered tools like chainsaws can be brought into the airport, but only under specified conditions. They can, however, not be transported in your checked luggage.

Some restrictions are placed on those who carry such items. Make sure that your engine is in full compliance with the requirements of the A70 special provision.

After this is completed, you will be notified of additional information. If you don’t meet the requirements of the A70 provision, you’ll be given more instructions by the airline. It is doubtful that the Engine will be allowed to travel if it contains any free liquids.

Transporting a new chainsaw

It is common for new products to be packaged and clean. In summary, because it is not powered by gasoline or any other fuel, you may transport it in your luggage. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you were spotted with a baggage-carrying chainsaw that had petrol in it.

Chainsaws on airplanes
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You can still carry if you follow their rules and standards, despite the stringent limits. Liquid or fuel is everything. Carrying flammable fluids around is a risk that you are aware of.

In order to reduce the risk of a fire or explosion, you should avoid bringing fuel or any other inflammable fluid into your luggage.

Screening method

Bags are X-rayed by aviation security to ensure that no harmful items are on board. Any forbidden objects found by X-ray are promptly removed from the bag for the safety of the passengers, and the bag is then opened and thoroughly examined.

If an engine-powered device is used to hold fuel, most airlines prohibit it from flying on their planes even if it has been thoroughly cleaned. The FAA forbids the transport of gasoline-powered tools in carry-on or checked luggage.

Because you can’t purge yourself, you’ll need help. This must be done by a dealer who has the proper paperwork for the equipment being cleansed of fuel.


In general, you won’t be able to check a chainsaw in your checked luggage. Only once you’ve completely depleted your chainsaw’s gasoline tank and allowed it to air dry will you be permitted to do so.

In addition, a fresh saw is always an option. A battery-operated one is much better.

It’s possible that airport security will ask you to return a prohibited item that is in your carry-on luggage. You won’t be able to proceed through security screening, and your trip may be cancelled as a result.

Screening and X-ray machines are used to inspect the carry-on luggage. The bag will be opened if certain clues can be gathered about the contents of the bag.


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